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Impulse is a 3D puzzle platformer for Mac OS in which you must solve simple tasks to win the game. It is inspired by gameplay and design from the bonus DLC content in Mirror's Edge (EA DICE, 2008) and focuses on a pure minimalistic style, which includes using simplistic objects, shapes and colours that all play a central role in navigation and solving tasks.

The current version of the game was created in roughly 1 month as part of the Game Audio course at the sound design school Sonic College where I am currently taking my bachelors degree. Therefore the main emphasis was on creating dynamic sound design and learning how to use FMOD though I had a lot fun of designing the game in Unity and have decided to continue the project in my spare time as my skills evolve within game designing and programming. Currently the plan is to create a game with 20 puzzles ranging from easy to hard with similar aesthetics, more mechanics, obstacles and a fun little story.

For best experience use headphones.

A windows build will be released at a later stage.


WASD: move
Shift: sprint
Space: jump
Right click: pick up object
ESC: pause menu

orginal icon by: Roundicons. Edited by me.
font by: SpideRaYsfoNts

Install instructions

Unpack and play. High resolution and quality recommended.


Impulse.app.zip 39 MB

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